Wonder what doing 365 of Thanks will do for you? Here are what a few people have said:

“Making the small commitment to jot down a list of things I’m grateful for everyday seemed easy enough, but like everyone I have those difficult days when gratitude is not a priority. This simple act of writing my list of thanks forces me to notice everyday items and occurrences that would usually be taken for granted. Now, I go about my day praising God as I unintentionally make a mental list of appreciations. 365 of Thanks has shown me how ungrateful I’ve been in the past and has helped me develop a thankful heart, giving God the credit he deserves. Learning to make gratitude a priority has uplifted my spirits on even the hardest of days. ”
-Demi Layne

“Taking the 365 of Thanks challenge has really helped me stay grounded throughout the day. When I am intentional about observing the many things I’m thankful for it helps me maintain a positive attitude. It makes me realize how much my father in heaven loves me and how God has been so good to me even on my worst day. The benefits don’t stop with me though. It has this ripple effect and spills over into my children lives as well. They are learning the importance of gratitude in our walk with the Lord. Scripture talks about the importance of giving thanks in 1 Thessalonians 5:18- “in every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” So from the smallest thing to the biggest thing let’s give thanks because this is God’s perfect will for us. Hallelujah!”

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