Day 18

Today I am writing because with this blog, there are some messages that need to be shared. Don’t worry, they will not all be shared in this post, but if I am feeling that I should be vulnerable and put myself out there, I am going to put myself out there. God lays messages on our heart so we can learn but also reach out to others. A lot of believers might be scared to witness or “put themselves on blast” but if you are not using your abilities for Christ, what are you doing with your walk in faith? As I am writing this, I am starting to realize that these messages are more directed at me and my walk, but if they connect with you, let’s be the change together. #365ofthanks #365daychallenge #365photochallenge #365 #blessed #thankful #instagood #instaproject #follow #blog #blogger #faith #puppy #brazilian #overcast #weather

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